All Mamie Ruth Clothing is Made in the USA, Duh.

Mamie Ruth is clothing for the creative thinkers, the peacemakers, and the girls that just want to have fun. Emily Bargeron named the line Mamie Ruth, after her grandmother; who is an entrepreneur and creative spirit herself.

You can find Mamie Ruth in boutiques and specialty retailers nationwide, popping up shop at music festivals all around the country, as well as in our brick and mortar location in downtown Savannah, GA. Just a short drive from our Savannah studio, our manufacturing team brings life to each Mamie Ruth garment by hand and with love. Because the textile industry can be extremely wasteful, we consciously make an effort to design with the environment in mind. From eco-friendly sustainable materials, to rescued dead stock fabric that was originally overproduced, to re-purposed vintage tee shirts, our garments are made from it all.

“Its not about the shirt on your back, its about how that shirt makes you feel. Our garments make you want to dance and let loose.” -Emily Bargeron, Designer/Owner

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Natural. Elegant. Bold. Conscious. The M.Liz Jewelry line is comprised of natural elements designed from inspiration found in history rich Savannah, GA. Maker Mary Liz Craft values the rough, unpolished form of her materials. With a history of working in product development and manufacturing, she started the jewelry line to produce pieces that reflected the beauty of natural elements and handmade work. Made in the U.S.A.

If you're ever in coastal Ga, you can find her working in her studio/ boutique "Mamie Ruth | M.Liz" at 107 W. Liberty St. in Savannah. She shares the funky creative space with her business partner Emily, designer of the clothing line Mamie Ruth. When she's not in historic downtown, she likes riding her bike around her home on Tybee Island, and chillin' at the beach with her hub and girlfriends.

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